{{$t("Cart and Registration")}}


{{$t("Completed order")}}

{{$t("Cart and Registration")}}
{{$t("Completed order")}}


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Frete {{orderShipping | currency}}
{{$t("Discount")}} {{ orderDiscount + orderItemsPromoCodeDiscount | currency }}
{{$t("Amount")}} {{orderItemsTotal + orderShipping - orderDiscount - orderItemsPromoCodeDiscount | currency}}
{{$t("Retained amount")}} (ISSQN) {{ orderRetained | currency }}
{{$t("Net value")}} {{ orderItemsTotal + orderShipping - orderRetained - orderDiscount - orderItemsPromoCodeDiscount | currency }}
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{{$t("To login without remembering the password and without remembering the email, complete the cell phone number below")}} {{recoveringData.cellphone}}. {{$t("We will send you a temporary PIN via SMS")}}
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